FanGirl Central was started as an idea. An alternative to other t-shirt companies that needed large quantities in order for authors to place orders, never guaranteeing whether a campaign would print until the last minute. We wanted a general location for all book lovers and fans to find what they were looking for without the wait of seeing if others would be buying too.  Plus with FanGirl Central there is no end to your campaign. We'll keep it open as long as you like.
At FanGirl Central, we'll produce a t-shirt whether one is ordered or fifty! With over 7 years experience in the book industry, Becca Manuel of Bibliophile Productions, wanted to create the perfect solution for author marketing and fan love. With  over 20 years in retail, marketing, and design, she will not only produce shirts but other swag including cups, hats, mouse pads, pens... you name it, FanGirl Central can get it for you.
Whether you have a design or need help, FanGirl Cental will help make your dream a reality. We offer competitive pricing and commissions. Contact us for more information.